The Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation System

Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Software and Process Solution

 M&E System Solution – PACPLAN - is an e-governance tool for public sector management to improve its policy/program/project measurement that specifically targets gathering, collating, analysing and disseminating policy/program/project data, enhancing management’s capacity.
It is easy to use software with tools and processes combining various graphics technology, internet technology and modelling tools such as economic analysis, without stretching the organisation’s capacity limitation.
The solution is quick and economical to implement on national level, satisfying needs of the national and regional management. The implementation process can be customised and quickly adapted to institutional/capacity development level of the organisation.
This M&E/MIS Solution enables the organization to implement, in the continuously changing environment, within the short time frame, the performance measurement and policy/program/project level management data gathering system. It will enhance management capacity through:

  • Transparency, Accountability, Flexibility, Adaptability, Participation, Predictability, and Continuity
  • Decentralization
  • Multiple Management Objectives and Languages
  • Nationwide and Grass Root solution
  • Commonisation and Agreement on Performance Indicators
  • The Logical/Result Framework Approach





  • Promoting good governance (in public and private sector)
  • Strengthening accountability of  funding utilisation
  • Facilitating transparency throughout policy/program/project measurement
  • Promoting understanding of M&E process amongst stakeholders
  • Indicators can be quickly incorporated and harmonised
  • Simplifying M&E Framework
  • Quick customisation and implementation of changes through stakeholders’ participation
  • Enabling effective centralised/decentralised public sector management through commonisation of activities and processes