Livestock Sector

At the Thai government’s Chief Information Officers annual forum, the former Director General of Livestock Department (former Planning Director) on his appointment inauguration speech as new Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Agriculture praised Galexo’s early engagement with the Livestock Department to implement and operationalize the Monitoring and Evaluation/Management Information System in early 90s with deployment of PACPLAN solution that revolutionized the department’s management results-based approach by saying:

Without PACPLAN solution having been deployed within Livestock Department, the department wouldn’t be where we are now

The first livestock official who was mentored by Galexo consultant team provided the update of Livestock Department PACPLAN M&E/MIS system operationalization progress.

Over the past 5 to 10 years, the department has transformed from the centralized policy/program/project planning management to decentralization of the monitoring and evaluation process, facilitated by the operationalized PACPLAN M&E/MIS systemwhere its 9 regional, 76 provincial, and 875 district offices participated in local planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

PACPLAN M&E/MIS system allows communization of activity indicators where central and regional/provincial/district levels were shared; therefore the central planning is reflecting regional/provincial/district issues and concerns. Planning, monitoring, and evaluation processes are consolidated to the head office activity, leaving the regional/provincial/district offices to focus on service delivery.